A Healthy Smile With Tooth Colored Fillings

Our Newburgh, NY, dental team offers composite resin fillings to treat cavities. 

We know that finding out you have a cavity is never the news you wanted to hear. We love nothing more than giving our patients a clean bill of health; however, when cavities arise, our Newburgh and Marlboro, NY, dentist Dr. Ricardo Rios and his cosmetic dentistry team offer tooth-colored fillings and restorations to improve and rebuild smiles after decay. Learn more by contacting Middle Hope Family Dental today!

We Match Fillings to Your Teeth 

There’s no need to worry about how your dental filling will look once it’s placed. Here at our Newburgh and Marlboro, NY, practice, our cosmetic dentistry team uses composite resin to restore teeth after decay. Composite resin is made to look just like tooth enamel, and we even go through a shade guide before placing your filling to make sure we use a material that closely matches the shade of your natural tooth.

It’s a More Conservative Way to Treat Cavities 

Another benefit to tooth-colored fillings is that the composite resin we use is applied, molded, and shaped, and then hardened directly to the tooth. Since it’s bonded to the tooth we can preserve more healthy tooth enamel than with amalgam fillings. This also means that tooth-colored fillings keep teeth strong and more structurally sound.

Recovery is Quick 

Our team will remove the cavity and place the dental filling on the very same day, which means that your tooth will be restored and functioning properly again after you walk out of our office. Your mouth will still be numb from the local anesthesia, which can take a few hours to wear off. While some people experience some soreness or discomfort, most symptoms are minor and people can return to their normal routine the very next day.

Dental Fillings Preserve Teeth 

The main purpose of getting a dental filling is to preserve your natural tooth even after decay has occurred. A filling is essential for restoring, rebuilding, and strengthening a tooth. After all, decay, infection, or even trauma to the tooth can weaken the overall structure, and it is our job to provide the proper cosmetic and restorative treatment that will look great while also providing the tooth with the long-term support it needs to remain strong.

Do you have questions about tooth-colored fillings? Do you want to talk about the cosmetic dentistry services we offer here in Newburgh and Marlboro, NY? If so, call Middle Hope Family Dental at (845) 565-4150 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Rios and his team.


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