The Benefits of Family Dentistry

Find out why turning to a family dentist could help you maintain a healthier smile. 

We know that taking time away from your schedule isn’t always easy; however, carving out a little time every six months to turn to our Marlboro family dentist Dr. Ricardo Rios for routine cleanings and checkups could end up saving your entire family time and money in the long run. Here’s what you can expect when you turn to a family dentist for care.

Stop Running All Over Town 

There is nothing fun about having to rush your kids across town to a dentist while you also visit a separate dentist for your cleanings. By turning to our family dental practice you are guaranteed dental care for the whole family regardless of age.

This means less travel and time spent in the car and more time making sure that everyone, from your husband and elderly parents to your children and teens, gets the proper dental care they need.

We Make Scheduling Easier 

We already know that your schedule is jam-packed with after-school activities, events, social gatherings and more. We don’t want to take up too much of your time; however, visiting your dentist every six months can prevent more serious issues that would require more trips to the dentist’s office.

We can work with your busy schedule to find times that work for your whole family. We may even be able to schedule everyone on the same day!

You Know Where to Turn 

Many people don’t have a family dentist that they turn to regularly for care. This means that when a problem arises (e.g. cavities; sports-related dental injuries) many people don’t know where to turn. Trying to find a dentist during a true emergency makes life even more stressful; however, when you turn to us time and time again you know exactly where to go.

Better yet, you also know the quality care you’re going to get when you walk through our doors. While we can’t make dental emergencies completely stress-free, we certainly help make them easier to handle.

Is it time for a dental cleaning? If it’s been more than six months then it’s time to call Middle Hope Family Dental in Newburgh, NY and serving Marlboro at (845) 565-4150 to schedule cleanings for the whole family.


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